Friday, October 27, 2017

I have had this print in my mind for awhile now... ever since I got the chance to fly over the ocean this past summer. I can remember flying over the ocean, which I was so nervous about, and just taking in the beauty of it all. And the thought hit me, as flew to a new country, how we are all so connected. That from the beginning of time people have been searching for something greater than themselves. There is something that is planted deep down inside our being that tells us that there is something greater than us. It dosen't matter what continent you land on, they are all searching for the answer to that question. We are all weaved together in that deep desire and scripture tells us that there is a reason for that. Thet he created each nation to search and find him, and that he is never far from us. How beautiful is that! We are one in the care of a great God... and so this print reminds me of that promise. It is available in the shop now, I hope you love it too. 


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Interesting, dear.

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